Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Achtung!!! Deutschland Selling U-boats to the Juden!

And they all say that the Euros are anti-Semitic becuase the have the same view of the Palestinian issue as Yossi Sarid.

Well, it looks like the nation that brought us the Shoah is about to sell advanced U-boats to Israel.

Germany To Sell Israel Advanced Subs
Move Comes As Allies Press Iran on Nukes

As United States and European governments seek to turn up international pressure on Iran over its nuclear program, Germany has agreed to sell Israel two sophisticated submarines that could be equipped with nuclear devices.

The sale, decided by outgoing chancellor Gerhard Schroeder, was endorsed by his conservative successor, Angela Merkel, who took office this week. The two new Dolphin class submarines will cost $1.17 billion and Germany will cover one-third of the price tag, according to reports in the German magazines Der Spiegel and Focus.

Heh, heh, let the Iranians develop the Bomb. Lot of good it will do them.


Blogger bec said...

so, assuming that history repeats itself, should we figure that sixty years after the arabs stop bombing israel, they'll sell us homicide bomber belts at a 33.3% discount?

10:05 PM  
Blogger Conservative Apikoris said...

There's no parallel. Not even in the way that the two goyish nations "hate the Jews."

The Germans were a major world power who went meshuggenah and committed their crimes. The Arabs are involved in a territorial dispute with the Israelis.

The Germans have the economic and industrial ability to produce advanced submarines useful for Israeli retaliatory strikes. The Arabs, for the foreseable future, will not have the kind of industial and economic ability to produce such items.

8:16 AM  
Blogger chuck said...

"The Germans were a major world power who went meshugga and committed their crimes"
WHAT! it was a small peek at the very lifeblood of europeans
they hate jews
always did
still do
always will

every time we deviate from mosaic law god sends us a "reminder"
check your history
the biggies were always after major straying/mingling

The Arabs, for the foreseable future, will not have the kind of industial and economic ability to produce such items.

I thought the question was regarding homicide bomber belts?
they already got those :)

5:51 PM  
Blogger Conservative Apikoris said...

WHAT! it was a small peek at the very lifeblood of europeans
they hate jews
always did
still do
always will

You've swallowed, hook, line, and sinker, the Party Line handed down by the Jewish Establishment.

I recommend reading the works of Yehudah Bauer. He points out, for instance, that there was more anti-semitism in France than there was in Germany, but it was Germany that went nazi and not France. While Dr. Bauer gives a detailed explanation of why he believes this was so, it basically boils down to the fact that Germany went meshuggenah.

By the way, the US comes from the same cultural heritage as the Europeans. Just becuase they're critical of Israeli policies and the Jews who mindlessly support those policies doesn't make them anti-semitic.

Jewish victim-mongering disgusts me.

3:36 PM  
Blogger Conservative Apikoris said...

every time we deviate from mosaic law god sends us a "reminder"
check your history
the biggies were always after major straying/mingling

Of the pious Poslish askenazim, who followed the authoity of the frum orthodox Rabbis: 90% were murdered.

Of the assimilated American "Reformitzers," those who changed their names, got nose jobs, worked on Shabbos, ate treif, married shiksas, etc.: 0% were murdered (excluding the American Jewish warriors who fell in battle.)

Please give me another reason for the Holocaust. I don't think God ahad anyhting to do with it.

3:39 PM  
Blogger chuck said...

"I don't think God had anything to do with it. "

you are an expert on god?

god is not going to pick off the strayers like a sharpshooter
if we stray permission is given to the 'mashchis' which takes diferent form, like you said "Germany went meshugg[a](enah)"
i did not say germans are exclusively antisemitic, i said europeans
you are correct regarding france, they are worse, the reason they didnt try to kill us is, in typical french fashion they dont have the guts

regarding the reference material, try 'abandonment of the jews' or ben hechts books or 'day of glory'
i understand that even eichmann himself wasn't gonna kill the jews IF he could get rid of them there were attempted negotiations with wietzmann @ ben gurion's haganah until 1943 by the einsatszgrupen to ship off the jews.
denmark, russia, albania, romania, even italy took some
the british said no and all britains allies went along with this policy
germany even claimed they were doing the world a favor!

all this is besides the point anti semitism flares when jews become more visible and i'm not talking about open jewish communities im talking about not voting for joe lieberman
give me a nice goy in public office over a jew anyday
oh ya antisemitism WAS more rampant in those "the assimilated American "Reformitzers"
henry ford was hitler hero and mien kampf quotes mr ford
now that jews are openly religious
and as long as they dont break the law etc (being jewish) anti semitism is quieter not gone just dormant

besides the reform is dying either they are moving to the right or totally to the left
the reform movement is dwindling
and even conservatives have noticed that they must introduce more orthodox practises or they will lose the younger crowd

6:31 PM  
Blogger chuck said...

"god is not going to pick off the strayers like a sharpshooter"

doing this would effectively abolish 'freewill'
thereby effectively stop the purpose of creation
and who says that the "pious Poslish askenazim, who followed the authoity of the frum orthodox Rabbis" were totally blameless
maybe they should have encouraged/loved the 'enlighted' group more - maybe they lacked in the kiruv department
after all 'kol yisroel arayvim zay l'zah'

7:02 PM  
Blogger BTA said...

Thoughts to ponder:

1. If you wanted to keep track of Israeli sub movements, or figured that one day you might want to be able to, what better way than to build the sub with the necessary modifications within?

2. If you wanted to profit from an arms race, why not give the first buyers a discounted price to stimulate demand for the second buyers? (They do that on the radio all the time- "first 50 callers get...") The second buyers of course are the arabs themselves.

3. If you wanted to run an enemy into the ground, the financial path is the best (look at US bankrupting the USSR). Thus, get Israel to spend precious billions on subs it doesn't need, get the arabs buying some more, and the arabs will simply spend the israeli's into bankruptcy.

Israel collapses and not a single gas chamber need be built, nor even a single German bullet need be fired. Sounds like a "final solution" to me.

2:33 AM  
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