Thursday, April 21, 2005

The new Pharaohs

Ah, it's that time of year agin, Pesach, when the Jews go collectivly nuts over their kitchens. Well, at least nuts are kosher for Passover...

Now, during my Conservative/Masorti BT days, I would get very annoyed at the PC liberals who would try to make Pesach into a festival of political liberation. It's obvious from the story that the story of the Exodus has nothing to do with freedom and liberation as we know it, rather, God (who allowed the Israelites to be enslaved in the first place), is using their liberation as a way to show the world who's boss. And, of course, the whole purpose of the Exodus for the Jews is to get them out of the "fleshpots of Egypt" and over to Sinai, where YHVH, that megalomanic deity, can enslave them with the Torah:

"For the Children Of Israel are my slaves, my slaves they are, whom I brought out of the Land of Egypt. I am the LORD your God."

-Leviticus 25:55

So there Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King!
(Of course, Jeff Davis, Robert E. Lee, Bull Connor, George Wallace et. l. were also wrong in thinking that they had the right to enslave people. Only God has that right.)

Well, fine, so God has the right to enslave us. But look! Since the time of the Talmus, who has arrogated themselves the role of speaking for God? Who are those who interpret the meaning of God's law? Yes, you guessed it.

The Rabbis.

The rabbis, who, as Mis-Nagid has pointed out, will twist and turn the Torah in any way that suits their purpose. With no accountability, no transparency, whether they are Hareidi "gedolim," or the humblest mara d'atra of a left-wing Conservative shul.

Yes, the rabbis, who enslave us with their halakhic commands, they are the new Pharohs.

chag sameach.


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