Monday, September 25, 2006

Al chet.. for the sin I committed....

A recyled post I made in another blog last year, but still appropriate:

For the sin we have committed by not having a personal political philosphy

We live in a democracy where power comes to people trough the results of contested elections. Thus, we are responsbile for the results of the elections. The competing candidates wil do whatever they can to win votes, but, in the end, if a person believes that the government should be doing X, they should not be voting for candidates that enact policies of not-X.

But we have sinned, not only becuase we don't pay attentionto what the politcians do once they get power, but becuase we have let ourselves be confused over what kind of "X" we want from those in power.

Read more, and have an easy fast next week.

Shana Tova


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