Thursday, May 24, 2007

How the Israeli State spits on American Jews

Take a look at this article about the Karaites in Israel:

(Karaism is an ancient Jewish heresy, similar to Reform Judaism in some ways. They don't believe in Oral Torah, and, from the article, seem to accept the Reform concept that each individual should determine thier path in Torah. They differ from Reform in that they believe that, however one observes it, all of the Torah is obligatory.)

Today in Israel, Karaites enjoy a relatively undisturbed presence among their rabbinic neighbors.

"In some ways, we have more rights than the Conservative or Reform movements," notes Gordon. "Karaite marriages are recognized by the State of Israel, whereas Conservative or Reform marriages are not. The marriages aren't recognized by the rabbinate, but we don't really care. They are recognized by the state."

Well, how do you like that? The government of Israel recognizes marriages and divorces promulgated by one of the oldest Jewish heresies in history, but stiffs the religious practices followed by the majority of the largest (or second largest, or co-largest) Jewish communities in the world. The Israeli government accepts Karaite k'fira, but spit on the American Jews who provide the reason why Israel has any diplomatic support at all among the great Powers. I don't think that we American Jews care whether the Israeli Rabbanut accepts our Judaism, and we don't really care, as the Rabbanut is corrupt, but for the civil government of the state to reject us, even as they try to sucker into believing that "We are one"

Another example of how the State of Israel is not the representative of worldwide k'lal Yisra'el, it is nothing more than a parochial, provincial set of corrupt politicians, who can obnly deal with their own local interests.


Anonymous B.BarNavi said...

I do believe the litmus test is the treatment of women. Anything above "property of father/husband" is assur, no matter how heretical the sect!

3:06 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What constitutes a Jewish heresy is defined by the viewpoint one takes when they look at the matter at hand.

The Pharisaic current, precursor of Rabbinic Judaism, deserves the title of the very first Jewish heresy far more than any other Jewish movement as they were the first to introduce reforms and innovations in Judaism. These eventually coalesced into the "oral" Law. They changed the Jewish New Year date from Nissan 1 to Tishrei 1 and renamed Yom Teru`ah "Rosh Ha-Shana" ("New Years"),thereby changing this Toranic holiday's character; introduced an additional sacrifice during Unleavened Bread a.k.a. Passover called "Hagiga"; introduced the water libation ceremonies during Sukkot; invented Lag Ba`Omer; transformed Hanukka into a version of the Persian Fire Festival via the introduction of the commandment to light up the 8-candle menorah; the invention of Tu Bishvat; and innovated Hosha`na Rabba and Simhat Torah -- all foreign concepts to the Pentateuch's commandments and admonishment against adding to its commands.

Qaraite Judaism started as a quest to return to unadulterated biblical Judaism. As such, it cannot be a form of heresy.

4:23 PM  
Anonymous balabusta in blue jeans said...

We're a threat. The Karaites are cute. Therein lies the difference.

9:47 PM  

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