Sunday, January 01, 2006

The Macabees -- frum Jews or not?

Aside from the fact that they claimed both the kingship and the High Priesthood, in violation of jewish tradition, we have this little gem:

25: And Simon sent and took the bones of Jonathan his brother, and buried him in Modein, the city of his fathers.
26: All Israel bewailed him with great lamentation, and mourned for him many days.
27: And Simon built a monument over the tomb of his father and his brothers; he made it high that it might be seen, with polished stone at the front and back.
28: He also erected seven pyramids, opposite one another, for his father and mother and four brothers.
29: And for the pyramids he devised an elaborate setting, erecting about them great columns, and upon the columns he put suits of armor for a permanent memorial, and beside the suits of armor carved ships, so that they could be seen by all who sail the sea.
30: This is the tomb which he built in Modein; it remains to this day.

-I Maccabees 13:25-30

Hey, thhat doesn't seem to comply with the guidelines set ourt by Rabbi Lamm in The Jewish Way of Death and Mourning.

And Toby Katz and the other right-wing frummers think that the Reform are evil becuase of their organ music in shul and the Cinservative are evil because of their lady rabbis.

Well, the holy Macabees went out and bult pyramids!

So there.


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