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Israel and the Holocaust -- from "Stalags" to guilt-tripping Jews and goyim

For a country whose leaders now routinely use the Holocaust to guilt-trip other nations into supporting the Jewish state, Israel certainly had a strange relationship with the historical event:

“I realized that the first Holocaust pictures I saw, as one who grew up here, were of naked women,”
-Ari Libsker, director of Stalags: Holocaust and Pornography in Israel

Apparently the first "pornography" produced by Israeli society was Holocaust based. (And it involved stories of British and American POWs getting sexually abused by the Nazis, [which is an interesting subject in itself to ponder] and then getting revenge.) This was a series of pulp fictions called the "Stalags," insired in part by the works of Yehiel De-Nur, a survivor who testified at Eichmann's trial and who wrote a couple of semi-pornographic works about Jewish holocaust victims (House of Dolls, about the infamous Block 24 at Auschwitz, and Piepel, about Nazi sexual abuse of young boys.)

As pointed out by Isabel Kershner in the New York Times, Israelis in the 1950's did not really want to talk to much about the Holocaust. The survivors sensed that the Sabras were critical of them for either "going like sheep to the slaughter" (which wasn't entirely true, and in any event there are other ways of resistance than with a gun) or for the implied "immoral deeds" they may have done in order to survive. The prevailing mood in Israel was shame at not successfully fighting back rather than anger at the filthy Nazis for committing the acts.

While this started to change as a result of the Eichmann trial, The Israeli collective neurosis about the Holocaust was pretty firmly in place. Of course, none of this was taught to me as an impressionable young Hebrew School student in the 1960s, or even as a more mature member of a Zionist Youth movement in the 1970s. Certainly by then, the Israelis were perfectly willing to acknowledge the Holocaust, but they weren't willing to admit their earlier ambivalence about it.

But by now, the Israelis have shed their shame over this, shame that was never really justified. The Jewish establishment now uses the Holocaust as a tool to manipulate through the art of the guilt trip. They attempt to manipulate goyim by equating Israel's political struggle with the Arabs with Hitler's attempt to annihilate the Jewish people. ("This Holocaust will be Different") They attempt to manipulate the Jews by equating our desire not to follow the social, religious and political lines they feed us with Hitler's attempt to annihilate the Jews. (Any random rabbinical ranting about "spiritual Holocaust" over the fact that his congregants are marrying non-Jews.)

As for me, I call BS on this nonsense. Stop using the Holocaust for your own purposes. It only shows disrespect to the victims, as well as the millions of goyish (and Jewish of course) soldiers of the Allied military forces who were the ones who, in the end, crushed Hitler and ended the Holocaust.


Blogger -suitepotato- said...

I never saw any such pictures you mention. I've only ever seen pictures of men. My grandfather was an Army soldier who was at the liberation of one camp. He mentioned the smells and the sights of the remains and the word "cordwood" as in that's how they were stacked. His first telling to me of it was when I was first old enough to speak, before I learned to read at three. It's been with me all my life.

I can understand the worry. It's not easy to let it go and hard to separate it from the current times. Sometimes it is gratuitous, but human self-doubt being what it is, one in Israel must at some point wonder how much longer can luck and blessings go? How long till there's a crushing tidal wave of enemies from all sides?

So I don't find it too upsetting. Embarrassing at times, but not upsetting. More upsetting is the... well, I dislike calling it antisemitism as that's too easy and wrong considering the love of the supposedly innocent Palestinians and Arab manipulators. It was once called Judenhass. It fits and tells it to be what it is.

That judenhass in the academic and intellectual world of the west makes any entreaty, even one playing on the holocaust to be more likely and even needed. It's an uphill battle to survive. In a world of bad choices though, it's a lesser one.

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