Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Conservative shuls stink!!

..Or at least that's what former Israeli Chief Rabbi Modechai Eliyahu believes.

The good "Rabbi" stated that "The reek of Hell" wafts from non-Orthodox shuls, and it is thus forbidden for elicher frum Jews to even walk past their doors.

I don't know what the good "Rabbi" would say if he visited CA-City, where lots and lots of erlicher frummers walk past the open doors of my congregation "B'nei CA" every day and never have they complained about any smells to us. Heck, frum people are even known to drop by and visit us (after services, usually). I invited a few of our frum neighbors to Apikoris Junior's bar mitzva, and, would you believe it, they actually showed up, even for the services! (Now I'm sure they davened at home beforehand, as our heretical rituals would not give them the proper mitzva points, but they did show up.) And they even said nice things about Junior's d'rash.

I think that "Rabbi" Eliyahu should be a little more diplomatic in his rhetoric. The Israeli Masorti (Conservative) movement agrees, and they're suing the good "Rabbi" to make their point.


Anonymous von eric said...

while i do not agree with the rabbis words.I do believe that conservative judaism is largely a failure!
With Reform judaism becomming more traditional there is no need for conservative judaism
Many conservaitve Jews are becomming Anti zionists!

9:01 PM  
Blogger Michael said...

Conservative and reform "Judaism," are ridiculous made-up forms of Judaism. Their lack of authenticity should be pretty obvious to any clear thinking individual. The inability to transmit the tenets of these belief systems to one's children, in a way that makes Judaism and Jewish identity a thing of lasting importance, is the most powerful testiment to their falsity.

11:28 PM  
Anonymous B.BarNavi said...

Because we ALL know that the ONLY form of "True" Judaism is the kind seen in 18th Century Eastern Europe in the wake of a Kabbalistic messianist movement! After all, Avraham Avinu davened Sfard and was so mapkid kosher he buried his plates when he served milk with meat!

And of course frummies NEVER have problems with people being disaffected and leaving the community. (They just have some more kinderlach!)

To the less uninformed poster above, I would like to dispute some semantics. Though the Conservative movement is pretty much dead in its tracks, its philosophy, Conservative Judaism, is just as influential as ever, as indicated by the "Modern Orthodox" moving left and "Reform" moving right. There is a commitment to halacha and tradition in a modern context, we just don't call it "CJ".

"Many conservaitve Jews are becomming Anti zionists!"
Ha-ha. It's funny because the author of this blog is an anti-Zionist ex-Conservative. Guffaw.

1:00 AM  

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