Saturday, February 26, 2005

The CJLS wimps out - re: Rubashkin PETA scandal

Yeah, I know, this is old news, but another example of why I am less than enamored with Conservative Judaism. So we had the Postville Scandal, where a PETA operative got some video showing that the shechita there violated "za'ar ba'alei chayim," (the requirement to treat animals, even those you kill, humanely) if not the actual laws of shechita. So the Orthos are circling the wagons and trying to justify this, whilst the Conservative Committee on Jewsh Laws and Standards (CJLS) dithers about. Then we have this wimpy statement from Rabbi Perry Raphael Rank, the President of the Rabbinical Assembly.

If what Rubashkin is doing is so wrong, why don't our rabbis come right out and just say that Rubashkin's meat is treif? Or at least "not recommended," as the kashrus agencies like to put it.

Jeez, the fundamentalist wing of the Orthos has no compunctions of shutting down a kosher food vendor over "moral" issues having nothing to do with the kashrus of the food, why don't Conservatives have the guts to do the same? At least "za'ar ba'lei chayim" is a real moral issue.

So no more Rubashkin or Aaron's Best meat products for me!

As they say: "Better you should eat treif, than Rubashkins."
On the other hand, the way Agriprocessors was slaughtering the animals, maybe Rubashkins meat is treif.

So what's a good apikorus to do?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The implications of the statement ARE that by some rabbinic renderings, the meat is in fact treif and at the least not recommended.

And tza'ar ba'alei chayim is discussed. You can't be a literalist.

4:19 PM  

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