Sunday, July 09, 2006

Assimilation --NOT a victory for Hitler

Last night, I watched a documentary that contained some footage of Holocaust survivors ("escapees" would be more accurate, as they managed to get to Shanghai in 1939). One of them gave the old line that if Jews assimilate, it's like giving Hitler a posthumus victory.

While I'm not a fan of total assimilation, I believe this line of thought is incorrect. Hitlers anumus against the Jews was not communal, it was racial. Everyone certainly likes to point out how assimilated the German Jews were, etc., and how they got zapped anyway.

Hitler and the racial anti-semites hated Jewish DNA, not Jewish behavior. That's why they committed mass murder. So as far as I'm concerned, if the Jews were to totally assimilate, then they would intermarry with Aryan gentiles, and before too long, the entire Nordic Arylan race would be "polluted" with the Jewish genetic heritage, even if every single one of those individuals were erlicher frum goyim. Which means that, in the end, Hitler would have lost.


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Besides, God wants us to assimilate.

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