Sunday, July 09, 2006

What we don't want to see Jews doing to each other

The documentary I watched last night, Shanghai Gehtto, included an interview with a womon who told the following story about her father:

Her father was a veteran of the German Army in World War I, and was wounded, which, of course, didn't stop him from getti ng picked up and sent to Dachau for a few weeks before his wife could get the steamship tickets to China. However, his war wound, which may mave caused his death by illness later in China was obtained in the following manner:

This German-Jewish soldier is fighting at Verdun and goes "over the top," and sees a French soldier. Well, like anyone in such a situation, he shoots. So does the French soldier. The both hit each other, and as the German Jew goes down, he hears the French soldier say the "shema Yisrael." What a wonderful world where two Jews get to kill each other!

We Jews of different opinions may argue a lot, and even say hateful things, but, by God (if He, She or It exists), let's never put ourselves in a position where we shoot each other.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a wonderful world where two Jews get to kill each other!

Kind of like the Isralei taffic safety (or lack of it) situation, the only other example I know of Jews killing each other.

10:57 AM  

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